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TMJ Treatment

If you have found this website you most likely have pain or disconcerting noise in your jaw joint. Either you are new to this problem, and wonder what is going on, or most likely you have already been to several doctors/dentists and found, that while they know what the problem is, they do not have a long term solution to your pain. I spent two years in post graduate education [] learning to treat jaw pain patients successfully. I have helped hundreds of TMJ sufferers to complete pain relief and comfort. If your problem is caused by a bad bite, and 99% are, I can help you right away. The treatment is not expensive or time consuming, with no surgery, no drugs, no complicated treatment regimen. If you need help with TMJ pain please read further, to learn what is going on in your jaw, and then call me to cure it.

What is TMJ

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint disorder. The TMJ is a hinge and gliding joint and is the most constantly used joint in the body. The round upper end of the lower jaw, or the part of the joint that moves, is called the condyle; the socket is called the articular fossa. Between the condyle and the fossa a disk made of cartilage exists, which acts as a cushion to absorb stress, and allows the condyle to move easily when the mouth opens and closes.

What causes TMJ

When the teeth do not come together correctly, a dentist calls this a malocclusion. In simple terms malocclusion means that the Condyle does not seat properly in the fossa when the teeth bite. Many people have a malocclusion, and have adapted without pain or awareness of a problem.

TMJ Treatment

If a person has pain, the first thing we do is to get the patient out of pain right away. To do this we use a small splint, on the front teeth, to reposition the condyle to a more comfortable position. The pain goes away in a day.

Meet our Dentist Dr. Joe Sheehy, DDS

Dr. Sheehy graduated from Georgetown University Dental School in 1980. He opened the office in San Mateo in August of that year. His commitment to dentistry is lifelong and passionate. He loves the work and the people. Dr. Sheehy attends continuing education in the fields of Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ Pain Relief Treatment, Crowns Bridges, Dentures and Partial Dentures , Implants, Endodontics [root canal], Periodontics[gums], Safety and Sterilization, and all phases of General Dentistry.

The family dental care office of Dr. Joe Sheehy located in San Mateo California, provides a full range of dental and cosmetic services, from the latest cosmetic techniques to the most advanced in tooth replacement.

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