No. Bleaching whitens your teeth in the same way that your white shirts are brightened by bleach.

There are three types of teeth whitening. The first is zoom, an in office procedure that uses a powerful light to help the bleach whiten your teeth. The second is take home trays, where you wear custom made trays with bleach in your mouth and wear them for two hours a day. Not as profound as zoom but less expensive. Colgate White Strips are very inexpensive and difficult to place properly but they work a little bit.

Crowns range from 700 to 1600 each. San Francisco and Palo Alto on the higher end, San Jose, San Mateo come in at about 1100. It also depends on the materials used. Gold and Porcelain are more expensive.

Not any more! The local anesthetic used now is much stronger then the “Novocain” we used in years past. A root canal takes about an hour now, while in the olden days it took several one hour sessions.

Lasers are used to help in the treatment of the gums. A laser can remove diseased and bad gum tissue in a gentle and precise way…most times with out anesthetic!!

The new “digital x-rays” use 90% less radiation then conventional x-rays. There is no longer any reason to be concerned about harmful rays hurting your body.

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