What are Dental (teeth) implants?

In case any of your healthy teeth and is lost because of disease or an accident, you can get it back through a dental implant.

Here is an overview of dental implants, and the ways they can help you. Dental implants are artificial teeth. These implants are placed by Dr. Sheehy and his staff during a procedure called oral transplants. These transplants are placed in your jaw and act as a bridge or as replacement for missing teeth.


why use dental implants?

Dental implants can act as a replacement option if you have always maintained good oral health and have lost a tooth or a set of teeth. Besides cosmetic reasons to get implants, they simply keep the function of that tooth, or set of teeth in the position where it was lost to help you chew properly and not damage your gums and surrounding teeth.

Teeth implants can replace a set of teeth easily and can act just like the natural teeth.


The advantages of dental implants

Dental implants are truly advantageous. They can help save teeth in a better way than the more traditional bridgework, this is because they do not require support from the neighboring teeth.

Dental implants look exactly like natural teeth and even feel the same. These implants integrate into the bone structure; for this reason they can even help to prevent the loss of bone, and the recession of the gums that usually happen with dentures and bridgework.

With dental implants nobody knows that you have a replacement tooth. Also the neighboring teeth do not have to be altered to support an implant, like in the case of bridging. This means that the original teeth are untouched, which means that your oral health will continue for a lifetime.

Once you will get the implants, you can easily speak again without any discomfort. You will no longer have to deal with displacement of dentures or denture adhesives. It is a lot more convenient than any other procedure.

What is needed for a dental implant?

The most important thing for a dental implant is good oral health. Also you require an adequate bone support in your jaw to aid in the implant, having some healthy gum tissues free of any periodontal disease are required for the dental implants.

After we examine your current dental condition we can explain to you if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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